Bankruptcy Law

As you go through life, you might face tough financial choices that are out of your control. You are unable to pay your financial obligations. You may be facing job loss, medical expenses or divorce. Bankruptcy law provides protection against creditors seeking to collect debt.

Bankruptcy is a complicated process in Florida. At Iqbal Law Firm, we provide a FREE consultation to review your case to see whether Bankruptcy is the right option for you. Iqbal Law firm will assist you in making an informed decision.

Bankruptcy Law in Orlando Florida
Bankruptcy Chapter

Common Types of Bankruptcy in Florida

This is the most common type of bankruptcy. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is the legal way to obtain a discharge or wipeout unmanageable debt. At Iqbal Law Firm we will explain to you your rights and obligations to help you on the path to financial freedom.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can help you:

  • Protect your assets
  • Stop Foreclosure
  • Eliminate unmanageable debt
  • Eliminate Creditor Phone calls

This is the most comprehensive and complex chapter of Bankruptcy to protect businesses. Many businesses in Florida are struggling to pay their debt. Chapter 11 is designed for Florida businesses to reorganize their corporate structure to pay down the debt. If you are having difficulty paying your business bills but want to keep the doors open give Iqbal Law Firm a call for a FREE consultation to protect your Business. We fight for your rights.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy allows you to reorganize and reduce your debt over a period. Chapter 13 is beneficial to individuals who have assets they want to protect. At Iqbal Law Firm, we will fight for you to keep your assets. Under Chapter 13 you as a debtor must make monthly payments to creditors for a period of three to six years after which discharge will be possible.

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