About Mariana Molero

Mariana Molero is a Venezuelan attorney and graduated with Cum Laude honors. Mariana is a human rights advocate of the Latinos, especially the Venezuelan migrants, becoming a nationwide leader, running several actions and campaigns to get the TPS for the Venezuelans approved, as it happened on May 8, 2021. She recently graduated with a Master in Legal Studies at a University accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA), a degree that reunites all the requirements to request the evaluation and the revalidation of her Juris doctor, to be allowed to take the bar exam and after passing, obtain her license to practice law in federal jurisdictions, which is her goal, particularly to be able to support and to advice immigrants in their process in the US. Since May 2022 she has been working as the Legal Assistant of attorney Ms. Maheen Mizan-Iqbal, who is a caring human being, and practice law with a deep sense of professionalism and care for her clients and her community, which make the two of them great teamwork, handling civil, business, and immigration cases.

Mariana Molero

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